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Hot application
Hot adhesive in rolls
Application with cold glue
Application with cold glue CF 147

Uses : All areas free from defects

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Preparation of surface

Must be clean from grease and dust for metal blast to SA 2,5

Preparation of the glue

Add hardener 147 D to the base 147 E.

Stir until mixed thoroughly. A drill at 300 rpm is recommended.

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Method of use

Unroll the Road Carpet from the spindle at the site of application.

Use a diamond edge cutter to cut to size.

Position the roll for use

Spread out the glue with a spatula and progressively unroll the road carpet..

For rolls joining a double application is advised. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes between applications.

The roll scan be moved small amounts for 30minutes after application.

General characteristics

Two component polyurethane adhesive. Solvent free

Base : CF 147 E
Hardener : CF 147 D


Pot life

1 hour

Open time

45 minutes

Time to set

12 hours at ambient temperature


With a scraper or spatula


1 kg to 1,5 kg/m²

Shelf Life

6 months


White liquid

Base 147 E
In 5 kg containers

Hardener 147 D
In : 0.75 kg containers


Do not use from open containers

Don not use below 5°c.

Stain Removal

Trichloroethylene, as soon as possible


It is advised to wear gloves

Do not breath fumes

Do not get into contact with eyes

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